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Bonnaroo VIP Food Program

  • The VIP food program will include lunch and dinner Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • You must also possess VIP wristbands to use the VIP Food Program. Anyone entering the VIP area must be wearing VIP wristbands.
  • IMPORTANT - VIP food program meal packages are not sold in pairs. If both guests in your VIP party want to participate in the program, you will need to purchase (2) TWO VIP food program meal packages when purchasing your pair of VIP tickets.
  • Each person must purchase both a VIP ticket and a VIP food program meal package to enter the the VIP food area. No one without a VIP wristband and VIP food vouchers will be allowed to enter the VIP food area.
Event Info
All sales are final. No refunds.
The VIP Food program is no longer available for sale online. You may still purchase these at VIP food in the VIP area of the festival.